Friday, February 01, 2008

Sunny Abberton moving out of Maroubra, By Angela Saurine - 2nd Feb 2008

Maroubra locals are buzzing with the news that Bra Boy Sunny Abberton is moving to a new home in upmarket Clovelly.

The brother of surf champion Koby Abberton is believed to be about to purchase, or to have recently purchased, a property in the beachside suburb.

But it is too early for it to show up in title deeds searches. It seems Abberton was buoyed financially by the cable TV distribution sales in North America of the Bra Boys doco, which he wrote and directed. Fortunes have certainly turned for the siblings.

Koby was forced to sell his Maroubra home last year to pay legal fees accrued defending himself against charges of lying to police about his knowledge of brother Jai's involvement in the killing of standover man Anthony Hines, for which he received a suspended sentence.

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